Best Basketball Training Equipment

1.DribbleUp Smart Basketball:

This is a basketball that comes with an app that provides real-time feedback on your dribbling skills. It’s a great tool for players of all skill levels who want to improve their ball handling and coordination.

2. The “D” man Basketball Defender

Upon analyzing the shooting percentages of contested versus uncontested shots, two things become clear: first, it is crucial to ensure that your team is actively contesting more shots on defense. Second, it is essential to develop your ability to shoot accurately over a contested hand, highlighting the value of the defense player, or “D Man,” in improving your shooting skills. The D Man can be utilized for practicing shooting techniques, perfecting finishes, or as an opposing defender to enhance your dribbling moves.

3. GoSports Blocking Pads

Elite players possess the ability to withstand physical play and handle contact effectively. Whether it involves fending off an aggressive defender, securing a rebound, or executing a strong finish at the rim, players must develop their ability to play through contact. One way to achieve this safely is through the use of a blocking pad.

4.SKLZ Dribble Stick Adjustable Height Basketball Dribble Trainer

Ball handling skills rely heavily on ball control and the ability to direct the ball to a desired location. The Dribble Stick is an effective tool that facilitates ball control development by challenging players to maneuver the ball over or under various height levels. This basketball training tool enables players to practice executing rapid hand-to-hand combinations, refine their ball control techniques, and hone additional skills as well.

5.SKLZ Shot Spotz

Basketball Training Markers: These are markers that you can place on the court to simulate game-like scenarios and improve your shooting accuracy.

6. Baden SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Rubber Basketball

Weighted basketballs are available in various sizes and weights, designed to enhance your basketball training. This specific weighted basketball trainer is an official size and weighs 3 pounds, aimed at helping players to expand their shooting range and develop their hand strength while dribbling. Incorporating this training tool into your practice routine can facilitate your progress toward becoming a more skilled and versatile player.

7. The D-Slide

The D-Slide is an innovative training device that should be an integral part of every coach, trainer, and athlete’s workout routine. This training tool facilitates the acquisition of better defensive skills, including improved lateral power, enhancing the athlete’s first step and explosiveness. Along with the advantages it provides to better defense, the D-Slide can benefit athletes of any age or skill level looking to gain an edge over their competitors offensively as well.

8.Dr. Dish iC3 Shot Trainer:

This is a shooting aid that attaches to your basketball hoop and returns the ball to you after you make a shot. It’s a great tool for improving your shooting accuracy and speed.


These are shoe attachments that increase your vertical jump by training your calf muscles. They’re a popular tool used by many basketball players and have been around for a long time.

10.Dribble Goggles:

One of the most prominent indications of a beginner basketball player is staring at the ball while dribbling. While looking at the ball may improve your control over dribbling, it restricts your ability to observe what is happening on the court. You may miss your teammates’ movements, or the opposing team’s help defense attempting to steal the ball. To address this issue, dribbling goggles can be highly beneficial. These goggles obstruct your vision, making it more challenging to see the ball, and encouraging you to rely on your sense of touch when dribbling. If you experience tunnel vision while dribbling, these dribbling goggles can be a useful training tool to help you improve your skills on the court.


Plyo boxes are excellent equipment for improving your vertical jump. You can customize the intensity of depth jumps, box jumps, and other plyometric exercises by setting up the box at three different heights. Plyometric exercises involve rapid, explosive movements with brief ground contact times. These exercises train your central nervous system to activate more muscle fibers simultaneously, leading to an increase in your vertical jump height and a more explosive first step.

12. Weight Vests

Weighted vests are an excellent tool to enhance the intensity of your workout, particularly exercises that aim to improve your speed and power. The added weight on your body increases the challenge and difficulty of the workout. Moreover, once you remove the vest after a demanding session, you will feel lighter and quicker on your feet.

Compared to ankle weights, weighted vests are a safer option because they distribute the weight more evenly around your upper body, which minimizes the risk of injury.

14. Training Cones

These cones are 2 inches in height and are designed to withstand the pressure of being stepped on. The ways in which you can utilize these cones are bound only by your imagination. Whether you need to designate target areas for shooting practice, create an agility course, or incorporate them into dribbling exercises, these cones offer limitless possibilities. It’s no wonder that these cones are an essential part of every basketball coach’s toolkit due to their remarkable versatility as a training aid.

15.Solo Assist

In basketball, players have mastered the technique of catching and shooting the ball with impeccable precision, often within fractions of a second. The Solo Assist is a training tool that enables you to improve this specific skill without relying on a partner to pass the ball to you.

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